The Northeast Nelson Community Development Association (NNCDA) is a non-profit association organized to promote tourism, historical aspects, agriculture, community events and attractions. We encourage businesses, civic groups, churches and the entire communities of Bloomfield, Chaplin and Fairfield, Kentucky to unite with us in our activities.

Our Board of Directors consists of eight members who volunteer their time and effort in making this organization a success.

Membership dues and grants fund the NNCDA. All monies are devoted to our community projects. Our first major project this year was the development of this website listing all member businesses, civic groups and churches. This website is linked to Bloomfield, Bardstown-Nelson County and Kentucky tourism. Our communities have a lot to offer, and we are here to help advertise and promote our merchants, civic groups, churches and local functions.

We are also planning to support and/or sponsor more community events, as our finances will allow.

NNCDA Mission Statement


  • Support each other and the committee
  • Embrace new ideas and keep focused on the goals
  • Create a better community for future growth
  • Unite with the Northeast Nelson communities
  • Respect the needs of everyone
  • Establish a strong community